• Any chance I can get to hang with Erik, I will try to make it. He is the future of NASCAR and enjoy the fact that he appreciates his fans to meet with them like he does. Jason T. (South Carolina)
  • Big fan of this kid, bright future in Nascar and one of the most talented drivers on the track every week. Lets go #20!!!!! Jason S. (New York)
  • I recently attended New Hampshire back in July thanks to Rcca giving me hot passes and the first driver that I was impressed with was Erik. As a fan I like to get autographs and by far he was more than happy to sign and even took a picture with me with no problem at all. He's awesome you have a fan for life and thanks for making my experience the best it could be! Joe from Kingston NY Joe P. (New York)
  • He’s going to be something one day...he already is! David G. (New York)
  • Awesome race today at Pocono Eric. You have Heart which makes for a Champion. Master the restarts and there will be no stopping you. Use God's Gift wisely. I WILL be praying for you every safe race. Florence S.
  • Go Erik Jones #20! Big supporter… will be one of the great ones and a cool kid. Jeff (Michigan)
  • I have been following Erik from the time he started truck racing right on through. Just wanted to say it's great to have someone in Nascar who is genuine to the sport and a hard worker. It seems things are coming together slowly but surely and it's well deserved. Don (Pennsylvania)
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