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  • Erik, I’ve been following you since the truck series and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown since then. It’s been such a joy to follow you up until this point and I look forward to many years as your fan! Best of Luck to you and the 43 team the rest of the way! LETS GET THAT W!!!! #ThatJonesBoy Steve K. (Connecticut)
  • Congratulations on the launch of the Erik Jones Foundation, along with the awesome news of returning to RPM and the #43 for the 2022 season! Go Erik! Go #43! Keep doing great things! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik Jones stood out to me ever since I saw him on the track, one of the most talented and kind hearted drivers I’ve ever seen. He will always be my favorite and I’ll always be rooting for him, go Erik! John H. (Texas)
  • Erik wanted to tell you it's a honor to have you in Nascar. Been a fan of you a longtime. You are such a inspiration to many. You might think it's small what you do reading. But you know that's only time alot of kids get read too. I also wanted tell your Mom great job on raising you. Just wish your Dad could been around to see you more. But it was in God's plan for him. I also lost a Son 6 years ago. It's hard to understand sometimes. But I don't question God. But Best of luck this season. When in Atlanta text me. I will hook you up on fishing trip. Gary Watkins Gary W. (Georgia)
  • Erik - it was so great to see you and the #43 in the lead at Talladega, and contending for a win! Your driving and race strategy were amazing! We'll get that win next time! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Hi Erik, I am happy that you are a new team of RPM in 2021!!, and hope to stay longer with RPM!! And you seem happy with the teams, much better than others! Hope that you will win the race one day, Go Erik#43 ! Mary H. (North Carolina)
  • I can't think of a better driver to represent the #43! Keep on digging EJ, and I hope to see you in Victory Lane this season. I gotta get myself some ArmorAll 43 gear. Kory K. (Minnesota)
  • Congratulations on an excellent season with 13 top 10’s including 9 top 5’s! Great job! Looking forward to 2021, and can’t wait to buy Erik Jones 43 hats, shirts, and other gear! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik - Awesome news about the deal with #43 and RPM! Congratulations! All your fans are coming with you to the new team in 2021! Go EJR! Go #43 Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Hey Erik! So excited about the breaking news about your new ride with RPM in the 43! Can't wait to get my new gear for Christmas. Congratulations! It's a good fit for you. Jackie S. (Florida)
  • Just want to say that we are originally from Michigan and have watched you grow up racing. We had conversations with your dad and mom at the track when you were just a shy kid with amazing talent. You have become more than just a talented driver, you have become an inspiration for all of us to be better people. We are proud to be members of your fan club, and will forever remember telling your parents that we knew that you were going to be great because you had them and great because you had more than just talent... you have heart. Know we will always be here cheering you on. Kim C. (North Carolina)
  • Erik...Great job at the ROVAL on that P3!! Your never give up attitude kept you in it all day despite some setbacks. Everyone recognizes your skills and perseverance and we know you will be in a ride you deserve very soon. ....Jones Nation waits for news.. In the meantime go get that WIN EJ! Jackie S. (Florida)
  • Been following Erik since his days in the trucks, fell in love with the way he drives and carries himself. I never miss a race he’s in, and I look forward to traveling to different tracks across the country to see him race. His career is only in the early stages but I’m extremely excited to see what he can do for the years to come. Tyler A. (Massachusetts)
  • Erik - Congrats on an awesome top 3 finish at Bristol having to come through the entire field. Amazing! Great job! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik--I just want you to know that all of your loyal fans are going to follow you wherever you go. You are meant for bigger and better things. Finish off the season EJ style...get a WIN to remind JGR what they lost. How about at home this weekend!! WE ARE WITH YOU..WE BELIEVE IN YOU! WE WILL BE THERE! Jackie S. (Florida)
  • Hey cousin…just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you up here in Traverse City…6th place today was a great finish..I have been following you for a long time young man…I have seen you take some hard licks and some great finishes…I enjoy collecting your die cast cars….Please stay safe…hope to meet you in person one day. Jeff J. (Michigan)
  • All I can say is THANK YOU for reminding me why I'm an Erik Jones fan tonight at Talladega. That near win/P5 that you pulled off was phenomenal. You just kept digging all night and I was cheering you on every lap. Keep us on the edge of our seat E.J. We love it! Jackie S. (Florida)
  • Erik - Great job at Darlington with 8th and 5th place finishes! Go EJR! Go #20! AWESOME! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik - Great job at Darlington with 8th and 5th place finishes! Go EJR! Go #20! AWESOME! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • I would like to take the opportunity and say THANK YOU for being able to still connect to your fans during these stressful times. It has been a different world for 2020 that’s for sure! I hope you and your family are keeping safe and staying busy! Hopefully we can go back to racing soon, but I have enjoyed watching the iRacing these past couple of weeks. You have put on a show and I hope to see you run some dirt too. Hope Oscar is being a good boy! John W. (New York)
  • I wanted to share with you around 7 years ago I was at Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run, MI. At this race a kid named Erik Jones won. That night I posted on Facebook about it and said you would be in NASCAR some day. Last year that post came up in my memories. I always cheer for you! Thank you! Barb K. (Michigan)
  • I have been a fan since your days in the truck series. I love your posts on Oscar. I also liked the interview with you and Oscar on Race Hub. I can’t wait for NASCAR to start back up and to see you in victory lane. I plan to attend NH, Watkins Glen and Dover this year. Thank you! Chris G. (Pennsylvania)
  • A HUGE fan of yours. I feel like you, Chase and Ryan are the future of this sport - the new Jimmy Johnson/Kevin Harvick/Kurt Busch’s of NASCAR. I look forward to some good hard racing from you for another 15+ years. Best of luck on the rest of the season and your career! Matthew (South Carolina)
  • Wow! What an exciting start to the 2020 season. I’m so excited for the 500 on Sunday. I’m calling it now. Erik will have at least 4 wins in 2020. Thanks for all you do. Alex
  • Congratulations on your Busch Clash win!!!#20in20. Andrea P. (Michigan)
  • ‘Coming to the tri-oval for the final time! Erik Jones...HAS WON AT DAYTONA’ -Rick Allen. I’ll admit I cried. Most exhilarating moment of my life coming from a fan who has followed Jones since his part-time days in the cup series. Thomas B. (Ohio)
  • Man I think you had a pretty damn good season. Your win at Darlington was the the best race all year. You came 3rd had homestead beating 2 of of the championship 4. I think you have a really good shot in contending for the championship next year. I´am looking forward to seeing you in victory lane at least 5 times next year. GOOD LUCK I hope you read this Max K.
  • I couldn’t be more proud of Erik and the 20 team, what an awesome year of racing, enjoy your break and the holidays Erik, I can’t wait for next year as it will be your year 20in2020 ?? Brian C. (Missouri)
  • Erik Jones you are a great man and awesome driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for Joe Gibbs Racing. Congrats on the 2019 Bojangles Southern 500 win, you are awesome! Good luck and good health. Your fan Pat. Pat R. (Illinois)
  • You're a great driver and you have made a huge Erik Jones fan of me! Keep it up, you're gonna get a championship soon! Thanks for being so fun to watch and give Oscar a big smooch for me! Jackie S. (Florida)
  • Hi Erik - To heck with the Playoffs, go get a win or two to finish off the year. You have a great following and I am Proud to call myself an Erik Jones Fan. Keep up the amazing driving! Patrick Murawa K. (Michigan)
  • Mr. Jones, I’m a big fan of JGR and a big fan of yours! First off a huge CONGRATULATIONS!! on your win in the Southern 500! I stayed up all night to see it. I already have the race win die cast on pre-order. Thank you and congrats again on the win! Tim C. (Idaho)
  • Congratulations Erik on the start of your career, the best is yet to come. Winning two Cup races must be a thrill! Your “top tens” percent is unbelievable. 222 races and 130 top tens is amazing! Hope you are doing well and life is treating you good. Thank you and good luck! Joe M. (Illinois)
  • Erik- You're doing amazing despite the problems that your car has been having lately. None that have been your fault! You're exciting to watch and I know that you'll have many top 5s and wins in your near future!! Oscar and I believe in you!! Look forward to cheering you on in Dover!! Kathy P. (Virginia)
  • Erik - We were at Richmond. Your driving was amazing! We are all very proud of you. The dq is not your fault. Finish the season strong with more wins and top 5s. Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik, I just want to say Thank you for all you do for the fans, sometimes those little things go unnoticed! I didn't need a prize or want to beg for one, just seen an opportunity to say Thanks! Rob R. (Iowa)
  • We all believe in you. Don’t let Vegas get you down. You’re having an amazing season. Go out there and get some more top 5s and another win this year. You can do it! Frank C. (Virginia)
  • Erik - Thank you for the recent auction items. Your support for your home county firefighters is inspirational. Best of luck as you progress in your career! Shiawassee Firefighter’s Memorial Committee
  • So proud of you Erik and the 20 team on making the playoffs and stoked to see what y’all can do, one thing is for curtain I’ll be cheering you guys on every lap of the way, go get it! ???? Brian C. (Missouri)
  • Congrats Erik on your Darlington win!! So proud of you! Next stop...most favorite driver! And yes, I already voted for you & will continue to vote for you! Heather D. (Florida)
  • Congrats Erik! Linda and I have followed your career since your Owosso Speedway days (or O-WOSE-O as the NBC announcers called it as they flashed your throwback photo on screen). We're proud supporters and you have made me a steady NASCAR fan where, before, I just casually paid attention. Clark H. (Michigan)
  • Way to tame the track "Too Tough to Tame." Glad you were able to stay off the wall the last 120 laps. Garry B. (South Carolina)
  • Awesome win! I had you autograph my Southern 500 ticket Saturday at the tent because I felt that win coming. Thanks for all you do for us fan! Tammy G. (South Carolina)
  • YES, YES, YES, Great Race - Great Driving - Great Pit Stops - Congratulations to you all. What fun and how exciting to watch and see this! Knew it was coming soon and know there will be many more. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Phoenix! James W.
  • CONGRATULATIONS ERIK! YOU WON A BIG RACE AND THERES NO STOPPING YOU NOW!!! I'm proud to be a member of your fan club and you beat the best! Go get Indy! Richard T.
  • Congratulations on your wonderful win last night. 100 was a magic number. I have rooted for you since you drove the truck for Kyle. It was a long time coming but it's only the beginning. Now you can go out there and have a little fun. You have many fans and we love you... ROLL ON... Beverly G.
  • Erik Jones has a bright future, now with two wins this kid should have confidence. Can't wait to see what is to come from him. Judson O. (Florida)
  • Congrats to Erik Jones and Joe Gibbs racing for the Darlington Win??? great job. Sheila C. (California)
  • Any chance I can get to hang with Erik, I will try to make it. He is the future of NASCAR and enjoy the fact that he appreciates his fans to meet with them like he does. Jason T. (South Carolina)
  • Big fan of this kid, bright future in Nascar and one of the most talented drivers on the track every week. Lets go #20!!!!! Jason S. (New York)
  • I recently attended New Hampshire back in July thanks to Rcca giving me hot passes and the first driver that I was impressed with was Erik. As a fan I like to get autographs and by far he was more than happy to sign and even took a picture with me with no problem at all. He's awesome you have a fan for life and thanks for making my experience the best it could be! Joe from Kingston NY Joe P. (New York)
  • He’s going to be something one day...he already is! David G. (New York)
  • Awesome race today at Pocono Eric. You have Heart which makes for a Champion. Master the restarts and there will be no stopping you. Use God's Gift wisely. I WILL be praying for you every safe race. Florence S.
  • Go Erik Jones #20! Big supporter… will be one of the great ones and a cool kid. Jeff (Michigan)
  • I have been following Erik from the time he started truck racing right on through. Just wanted to say it's great to have someone in Nascar who is genuine to the sport and a hard worker. It seems things are coming together slowly but surely and it's well deserved. Don (Pennsylvania)
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