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Erik's Reading Corner

Erik Jones has been an avid reader all his life and wants to take the opportunity to share this passion with his fans. In his fast paced life, sitting down and enjoying a good book is a way for him to unwind and relax. Through sharing his love of reading he hopes to inspire children and encourage them to pursue an interest in reading while also sharing some of his favorite books with his fans.
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What Erik is reading this Month

Recommend A Book

    Fan's Reading

    1. My Last Fight by Darren McCarty
    2. Grateful American by Gary Sinise
    3. Eight Dreams by Jon Krakauer
    4. Skeleton King by Patrick Logan
    5. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
    6. The Powwow Highway by David Seals
    7. On Top of the World by Larry Moore
    8. Redemption by David Baldacci
    9. The Outsider by Stephen King